It's Time To Tap Into Your True

 A great guitar lessons isn’t about information. You can get that from any book, course, or video.

If information is all that we needed then we’d all be shredding our faces off.

But That's Not It!

  • What you need is someone who will guide you through the process
  • A great teacher is like a coach. Not a storage unit of information
  • Designing a customized curriculim is no easy task, especially if you don't know what you're supposed to be learning in the first place!

There'll be times when you'll be discouraged

I'll be there to remind you that challenge is part of the process. Anything that is worthwhile requires the constant overcoming of obstacles. True progress comes when you find the sweet spot between difficult and impossible.

You'll Have Questions

I'll provide the answers. Everyone learns differently. They way you absorb information is unique to you. My priority is for my students to digest what they learn efficiently.

It's Easy To Become Distracted

It's fairly common to be overwhelmed with the amount of information out there. I'm here to remind you of your commitment to your goals and help you stay on the right track.

My Job Is To Help You Become The Musician You Want To Be.

 It's about getting to know each other and developing a relationship.

As you teacher I'll use the methods that work for YOU. No video, book, or article can be a substitute for personal instruction. Aren't you tired of practicing for hours and not seeing real results? Deep down you know you're capable of making great music. You picked up the guitar for a reason and it wasn't to be mediocre.

Music Theory

My approach to studying music is practical. I believe that you should only study the concepts that you'll actually use. Learning music theory for the sake of it often leads to confusion. Having a clear purpose is crucial when tackling such a dense subject.

Learn The Music You Love

I'll adapt your personalized curriculum to your musical preferences. Learning the music that you're interested in is extremely important. This is what makes learning music fun and motivating! Regardless of the level you're at. I can adjust songs to meet your needs.

Constructive Feedback

The most valuable aspect of private lessons is getting informed feedback. It's very difficult to self-assess where our weak areas are. Having a teacher to provide adjustments and feedback should be a deal breaker for any serious student.

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Learning Guitar Is Not About Information.

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